• Dani

How to find a job you love: 5 questions to ask yourself to find your purpose

Updated: Jan 12

Have the past two years rocked your world? The Age of COVID certainly woke many of us up to how short life is and what really matters to us. It took us out of our familiar daily routines and shook the floor from under our feet. Perhaps this time away from routine has made you reflect on your life - your career, your relationships and your health? Maybe you have begun questioning for the first time ‘is this what I really want from life?’.

Changing career seems to be a popular choice for many people at this moment in time. It's no wonder, really, considering our career plays a huge part in how fulfilled we are in our life - many of us spend more time working than we do anything else. It has a direct impact on all other areas of our lives - if we are stressed at work, then this is likely to have an impact on our relationships and our health.

Many people are now moving away from motivations like money and status - and are now looking at motivations such as fulfilment, purpose and job satisfaction.

Maybe the past two years have showed you that you could work from home, and therefore have a better work-life balance? Maybe you’d like to spend more time with your children, or maybe you’d like to have more time for self-care such as doing yoga and cooking healthy and nutritious meals? Perhaps you have realised that you are unhappy in your current job role and would like to change your career to something that uplifts and fulfils you?

Whatever it is, this sudden break in the familiar routine has certainly made many of us stop and question the ways in which were living pre-2020. It almost felt like many of us were sleep-walking on a treadmill through life, just going through the motions and just ‘surviving’ each day. There was never any time to stop and question the way in which we were living.

So now we have had the time to do this, what are your thoughts? Are you feeling fulfilled in your career? Does it light you up and energise you? Are you best utilising your strengths? If any of these answers are no, then you may want to consider your options.

We each have unique gifts and talents to share with the world. We each have a unique purpose as to why we are here. We each have so much to offer. We each deserve to be happy. But many of us never uncover this because we are walking on the treadmill through life, barely looking up and noticing that we can take a different path. However, we do have a choice. We don’t have to take the well-trodden path that society (and our parents, teachers and friends) say we should take. There are other options and other routes that are more in alignment with who we truly are. We don’t have to stay in a job that we hate. We don’t have to ‘put up with it’.

Imagine being paid for doing something that you love to do and that you want to do - something that comes easily and naturally to you - something that you really care about - something that has a positive impact on the world in some way - something that gives you a purpose - something that makes you energised.

What would that look like for you?

Here are a few journal prompts if you need help building your vision:

  1. If there were no obstacles, what would be your ideal career? (Remember: there are no limitations to this question so be as bold as possible!)

  2. What are your top 3 priorities for your next job and why? (For example, flexible hours so I can spend more time with my children, etc)

  3. What are your top 3 strengths? (For example, it could be knowledge about child psychology, copywriting skills and being open-hearted)

  4. What 3 traits do you often get complimented on? (For example, my ability to think outside the box, my compassionate nature, being a good listener, etc)

  5. Note down 3 different times in your life where you felt the most fulfilled and energised; What is the link between all 3 of these times?

Once you have journaled about these questions, you will have a lot of valuable information in front of you about what your priorities are and what really lights you up and fulfils you. You may have a clear idea straight away about what you’d like your next job to be, or you may have just gotten some good ideas. Either way, this exercise has hopefully increased your confidence about your ability to change your career.

Take some time to reflect on what you have written every morning over the next week. This best works if you are still in a sleepy state (just after rising, between 5am and 7am is best), reading over it and then asking yourself: ‘what is the right career for me’? Just let it go and your subconscious mind will work on it throughout the day. You may be surprised by the ideas that just ‘pop’ into your head seemingly out of nowhere!

Good luck with the exercise, and I hope that it sparks some clarity, confidence and motivation about what career and job is right for you at this time in your life. If you need any additional support in building confidence, I offer 1:1 coaching services for those wanting to change their career. Fill in my contact form for more information on how wellness coaching could help you.